• About ShowCo

    ShowCo is a forum of about 50 companies of the global poultry industry. ShowCo is open for all companies active in the poultry industry worldwide. The main aim is to boost the effectiveness and restore the attractiveness of the large international exhibitions of the poultry industry. ShowCo has gained considerable support for its ideas within the global poultry industry.

    After a period of preparation and first activities ShowCo was officially founded as an Association on September 30th, 2008. The legal seat is Padua, Italy. Seat of the operative office is Cuijk, The Netherlands. ShowCo is legally represented by its Executive Committee, which results from elections during the ordinary annual member-meetings. ShowCo Association is of no commercial nature; it is a non-profit organisation which is apolitical and pursues its scope of functions by keeping its own independence.

    A single company has no chance for reaching a progress in negotiations with exhibition-organizers. But ShowCo, however, is all the more powerful in such negotiations, the more it is supported by an increasing number of members.

    It is for this reason that you are cordially invited to become a ShowCo member, too.

  • ShowCo’s Executive Committee


      Reduction of the number of international exhibitions

      for the poultry industry by changing their rhythm to a two-year repetition.

      Increasing the quality of exhibitions for the poultry industry

      by promoting a Global Exhibition Plan with a small number of High-Quality-Exhibitions around the world; each of them offering the complete range of products and services in the domain of poultry industry.

      Improvement of a commercially acceptable and globally well balanced system

      of High-Quality-Exhibitions for the poultry industry.

      Promotion of technical progress in the poultry industry.

      The longer the time interval between exhibitions the greater the chance for companies to experience serious development and the more time for test cycles for the creation of well engineered new products.

      Saving of money for exhibitors and visitors.

      Exhibitors do not have to tie their staff down at uninteresting fairs. Visitors will save travelling expenses and do not have to attend exhibitions with only inadequate product lines.

      Provision of service for ShowCo members

      such as: opinion polls and surveys with regard to trade fairs; evaluation of fairs; recommendations for attendance / non-attendance of fairs.

      Information and advice for ShowCo members

      on the initiatives taken by the organisers in the field of fairs and exhibitions. Organisations of discussions and meetings focusing on general subjects of the trade fair landscape.