Together we can achieve more

Our story

At the start of the 21st century, there was a large increase in the number of trade fairs in the poultry industry. Consequently, visitor numbers per show decreased.

For visitors and companies alike, costs increased but the quality did not. The level of innovation at each trade fair declined as developing an innovative offer takes time and investment. Show organizers saw the appeal of their events decline and also began to suffer.

Ultimately, this situation hindered innovation in the poultry industry and meant that trade fairs were not reaching their potential for networking, learning and business development.

A small group of international companies took up the challenge to find a solution in the interest of the entire poultry industry. ShowCo was established in 2008. The guiding principle was and still is: ‘Together we can achieve more’.

Together we can achieve more

Our results

ShowCo has developed a Global Exhibition Plan summarized in the ShowCo event calendar. The calendar contains a three-year overview of international trade fairs where ShowCo members exhibit.

After each event, ShowCo evaluates the quality of the show and discusses the results. The aim is to continually improve the quality of exhibitions in collaboration with event organizers.

The Global Exhibition Plan has helped ShowCo members to substantially reduce the costs of trade fair participation while, showing trade fair visitors an attractive, innovative product range.

Together we can achieve more

Future goals

ShowCo is a unique association in which companies active in the poultry industry work together towards a shared goal. All members are equal; decision-making takes place during meetings in an open and constructive atmosphere. The collaboration within ShowCo is based on loyalty and reliability. Our goal is for ShowCo to grow and to keep its unique character, efficiency and effectiveness in the years to come.

The second challenge is to convince exhibition organizers about the added value of ShowCo and our common goal: To support the delivery of a limited and balanced number of high-quality trade fairs with an innovative offer across the world.

Together we can achieve more

Our organisation

ShowCo is a truly international association. Its legal seat is Padua, Italy and Finance (Headquarter) is based in Dinklage, Germany. The operations office is located in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

ShowCo has no commercial character. ShowCo is an independent, apolitical, non-profit organization. Its activities focus exclusively on the stated aim of the association.

ShowCo is led by a board called the Executive Committee. The board consists of a president, two vice-presidents and three members. They are elected by the members at the annual members’ meeting.

Together we can achieve more

The ShowCo board

The ShowCo board (executive committee) consists of:

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Mrs Elisa Finco
(Facco Poultry Equipment, Italy)
Vice President
Olov Boel
(Petersime, Belgium)
Andy Böske
Vice President
Andy Böske
(Big Dutchman, Germany)
Nobert Brechters
Norbert Brechters
(Salmet, Germany)
Brian van Hooff
Brian van Hooff
The Netherlands)
Richard Wentzel
Richard Wentzel
(Impex, The Netherlands)
Fenny Straat
(Re)Election of board members takes place according to a rotation schedule that complies with the guidelines in the articles of association(by-laws). ShowCo’s articles of association (by-laws) are available to (potential) members upon request.

Together we can achieve more

ShowCo Information

Legal seat: Padova, Italy
Finance: Am Bählinger Bach 2, 49413 Dinklage, Germany. Taxnr. 68/279/00898, VAT DE266624897
Operations: Friesestraat 147, 3812 EB Amersfoort, The Netherlands,