ShowCo members present at IPPE 2024

35+ companies from the ShowCo Association will attend IPPE in January 2024. The association brings together leading companies that supply key products and services to poultry producers. They target the best poultry trade fairs which attract high-quality visitors. ShowCo members will ensure it is worth visiting their stands at IPPE in Atlanta. Visitors will come away with new ideas and new contacts to boost the performance of their poultry business.

Poultry trade shows are important events for everyone involved in the poultry sector to make business connections. But with numerous events each year, a strategy is needed to pick when and where to go because it is not possible to attend them all.

This is where ShowCo comes in. ShowCo is an association of companies who work together to achieve more from poultry trade shows. ShowCo is made up of various companies from around the world which all sell products and services to poultry and feed producers.

Every two years

The general rule is that ShowCo members attend each major exhibition every two years. For example, ShowCo attended IPPE in 2022 and will do so again in 2024 and 2026.

With the bi-annual participation at a show, time and financial resources can be used to prepare innovations for a next exhibition.

More innovation

The founding principle of ShowCo is to work together to make better trade shows and use the time and resources saved to improve the standard of the products and services for customers. By not attending every event, ShowCo believes that members offer visitors more innovation and higher quality at the exhibitions.

ShowCo members develop collectively a biannual program of valuable trade fairs (the calendar). They evaluate previous events and work closely with event organizers to learn more about shows early in the planning cycle. ShowCo’s calendar is a three-year rolling plan which makes it easier for ShowCo members to plan for exhibitions. Members make choices whether to participate or not as the companies are in principle free to attend shows.

The participating ShowCo companies at IPPE 2024 can be found at Further information about ShowCo Association and the members can be found at