ShowCo Promotional Toolkit

As a ShowCo member, your aim is to work together with like-minded companies to achieve better and more cost-effective participation at poultry trade fairs. Improving the reputation and growing the membership of ShowCo are both important steps in achieving this goal. We also seek to support exhibition organizers by attracting visitors through the quality of what ShowCo members offer at poultry trade fairs and by promoting the event directly to our contacts.

Interactions with your network of contacts within the poultry industry are an opportunity to promote ShowCo, attract new members and invite potential delegates to forthcoming poultry trade fairs. This ‘Toolkit’ contains a range of materials for you to use as you wish during your own communications activities.

Banners and logos

All versions of the ShowCo logo are included in the toolkit to use as necessary in your communications. Banners are included in several sizes and design options. This means you can choose an option that is suitable for the particular channel you are using and fits best with your own brand identity.

  • Proud to be a member of ShowCo
  • Together we achieve more
  • Attending VIV ASIA 2023 with other ShowCo member companies
  • Member of ShowCo

How to use

The banners and logos are designed to be used in a wide range of contexts including:
• Email signatures
• Websites
• Marketing collateral (booklets, brochures etc)
• Business cards
• Exhibition stand artwork
• Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
• Advertising

Digital versions of banners and logos can be linked to the landing page on the ShowCo website, which lists members attending the next trade show.

It is the decision of individual companies when and where to use these banners within their communications.

Sharing more information about ShowCo

If people in your network want to know more about ShowCo, you can direct them to the website or use the text below in full or in part to explain the benefit of ShowCo.

ShowCo is an association of companies in the poultry industry who aim to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of poultry trade fairs. All members understand that trade fairs are an effective route to market but only when they have enough suitable exhibitors and delegates who are decision-makers in poultry enterprises.

ShowCo members work together to identify the events with the best opportunities for members. In practice, this means attending fewer trade fairs and focusing only on the highest-quality poultry industry events. This strategy is beneficial for everyone involved with poultry trade fairs:

  • For delegates
    A broader offer at poultry trade fairs with more relevant companies in one place allowing them to gather information and network prior to making important decisions for their businesses.
  • For trade fair organisers
    Positions the event as a ‘go to’ destination for networking in the poultry industry and attracts high-quality delegates because of the range and quality of exhibitors.
  • For ShowCo members
    More efficient use of resources to target trade fairs with the best visitor profile and networking opportunities. Frees time and resources so members can develop innovations and offer a more exciting portfolio when we do exhibit.