ShowCo – The floor fillers

What do event organisers want most of all? An exhibition hall filled with exhibitors and visitors. Achieving that is of course easier said than done, but there is more support than you might think if you know where to look.

For organisers of poultry trade fairs, ShowCo can be an unusual organisation to place. Is it a partner, competitor or customer?  And who do I deal with – ShowCo or the individual members. The following article dispels some myths about ShowCo and shows how event organisers can benefit from working with us.

What is the aim of ShowCo?

ShowCo represents its members which are all companies involved in the supply of goods and services to the poultry sector. All the members agree that events are vitally important to reach their customer base but require a lot of time and investment to get right. Hence, ShowCo members want to be sure that every event has high numbers of suitable delegates and a high-quality technical programme. To achieve this aim, members work together within ShowCo who in turn work with event organizers.

ShowCo is a gateway to many potential exhibitors

At the moment, ShowCo has 48 members in total, all working in the poultry sector who are interested in attending events. We have a good mix of established names and newer entrants to the sector. Six new members have recently joined ShowCo, demonstrating the association’s continued relevance to the sector.

By working with us, exhibition organisers have a direct link with the marketing departments of all of these companies. It is a simple way to get insight and information into what these companies are looking for from events.


We like to advertise our presence at events. ShowCo uses its combined resources to tell the world when we are attending. This is useful support for each event’s own promotional campaign.

As you well know, ShowCo members don’t attend every event, only the best ones which adds extra value to our promotional efforts. Plus having ShowCo member names on the exhibitor list is another 48 (and counting) reasons for visitors to register for your event.


After every event we conduct a qualitative and quantitative survey of the event from our members’ perspective. We are happy to share these findings with event organisers to tell you what we liked and identify what to improve next time. The final goal remains the same: the best exhibition for everyone.

Together we can achieve more

This is ShowCo’s fundamental philosophy. By working together all parties involved can achieve better results, even among companies and organisations who compete in some arenas. We all share an interest in a thriving poultry sector with regular high-quality events to share innovation with customers.

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